In general, pages are uploaded and modified using FTP. Simply use your FTP program to access with your name and password. Do not log on as "anonymous". By default, the FTP server starts in your account's default directory. Under that directory you will see a directory labeled www. This directory is the "root" of your web site. Any files placed into this directory (or any directory beneath it) will appear on the world wide web.

For example, the file:
would appear on the world wide web as

The default file name for your web site is index.html. Therefore, use that name for your "home" page.

Caution: The web server, because it's UNIX based, is case-sensitive. For example, INDEX.html and index.html are two completely different files. We recommend that you keep all file names in lower case.

If you are having difficulty uploading your web pages, feel free to write us at

The pages in the individual directories on this server are the responsibility of their respective owners. SOCKET Internet Services does not monitor their content nor is SOCKET responsible for their content.