Free Web Site Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does my account come with free web space?

A1.Yes, all SOCKET dial-up customers get 5MB of disk space (with certain restrictions.). Please visit to establish your site.

Q2. What are the restrictions on the free web space?

A2. The restrictions are:

5MB space limit
2GB traffic limit
can only use pre-written CGI-Bin scripts
virtual domains not available (e.g. format)
non-commercial use only

Q3. What is a "2GB traffic limit"?

A3. It means only 2 Gigabytes worth of files may be viewed from your web site. For example, if your web site had a single page on it that was 50K in size (including pictures), then it could be seen by the rest of the internet 40,000 times a month.

Q4. What happens if I exceed my traffic limit?

A4. The web site is disabled until the beginning of the next month. A "placeholder" page is displayed so that folks on the net know it will be available again on the first of the next month.

Q5. Can I purchase additional space, traffic, or features?

A5. Yes, upgrade to a commercial account. More information about our commercial web hosting packages is available here:

Q6. I'm having trouble uploading my pages, can I get free help?

A6. Yes, send e-mail to

Q7. My pages don't look right, can I get free help?

A7. No. Our technicians aren't trained to design web sites, but lots of good help is available free on the net. Try searching for "html help" on your favorite search engine

Q8. Can I put adult materials on the web site?

A8. We would prefer that you didn't, but we don't monitor the web sites for content. We do, however, respond to complaints. If the material on your web site is illegal or considered indecent by local community standards, then the site will be disabled until the matter is resolved.

Q9. Can I submit my web site to the search engines (e.g. Yahoo)?

A9. Yes, feel free.

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